Filled With Less: Decluttering Course

You're Almost There!

Just one more click, and you'll be on your way to a plan, support, and even fun! You've been waiting for something just like this...are we right? And, hot off the presses! Presbytera Stacey Dorrance (Presbytera is a title of respect given to the wife of a priest) is joining Molly and Cynthia. Pres. Stacey is a professional organizer and brings a ton of insight and expertise to this program! We are delighted to have her with us.
Join Cynthia Damaskos, Molly Sabourin, and Professional Organizer Presbytera Stacey Dorrance for guidance, support, and inspiration on your decluttering journey!

The 12 week course starts August 5th with the first module delivered into your inbox, and every two weeks you will get a new module. Is it after August 5th or are you going on vacation during the program? No worries! All modules, support materials, replays of support sessions and videos will be accessible 24/7. You can go at your own pace and jump in with the group when you can. The tips and wisdom will be there for you whenever you are able to start!

Do you feel like you are living in chaos? Are you overwhelmed more often than not? Have you lost your sense of joy, hope, gratitude? We will simplify your life by going over a different area every two weeks such as:

Module 1: Clothing
Module 2: Living Spaces including Bedrooms
Module 3: Bathrooms
Module 4: Kitchens
Module 5: Paper/Books
Module 6: Sentimental/Momentos

In between modules, we will have 6 live Q&A support session where we will support you, inspire you, celebrate your wins and help you over those hurdles! Cynthia will even be putting on her health coaching hat to guide you in creating a healthy home for you and your family!

Even in the midst of trying circumstances, we have the power of the choice. We can control what we consume, how we react, and how we manage our time. We can pause, pray, and choose to reduce the clutter, toxins, and vices preventing us from bearing fruit and experiencing peace.

Are you ready to get serious about thriving instead of merely existing?

Our “Filled With Less” movement is a Christ-centered pursuit of simplicity, intentionality, and transcendence, and the first step in our journey is to clear our living spaces of the clutter causing undue stress in our homes!