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Holistic Christian Life

Helping people live healthy, well balanced, Christ centered lives

At Holistic Christian Life, we don’t believe in compartmentalizing your health and your faith.

God created us holistically. We know this when we see how the emotion of nervousness can cause us to break out in hives. Or physical pain leading to depression. And, through it all, our minds are grappling for comfort, understanding, and reason. Our souls are silently communicating with God when our conscious minds cannot, and when our physical bodies cannot even kneel.

Life is a gift, not to wasted, squandered or gambled with.

If you are a Christian, this means that you are living your life for Christ, and that you’re serious about your faith. But what about this life that He gave us? Is it just your soul…or actually your mind and body also? How are you worshipping God with your body for instance? When you partake of the Divine Mysteries, is He entering into a body that is swept clean and taken care of? Or one that it is shambles…neglected and even abused?

By neglecting the care of our bodies, we are squandering one of God’s gifts.

Holistic Christian Life teaches us how to honor God, mind, body and soul. Living for Him in every area of our life. Not compartmentalizing our physical health as something that is not a part of our faith. Or the state of our soul as something that is separate from the whole.

Join us on this site, and in our programs, as we unlock a Christ centered way to look at our health. We will learn what can be done about disease, and how to flourish using the tools that God has given us within our own bodies, and in the world around us.

Holistic Christian Life - Helping people live healthy, well balanced, Christ centered lives.

Rita Madden

MPH, RD (Contributor)

Cynthia and Rita work together to develop healthy recipes and meal plans for the programs. Rita holds a Masters in Public Health, is a Registered Dietitian, and is the Director of Nutrition for Mediterranean Wellness, a company that focuses on sensible weight management and chronic-disease prevention. She focuses on helping people and families form a healthy relationship with food. Such areas include weight loss/management, type-2 diabetes prevention, reducing blood pressure and triglycerides. She is the author of Food, Faith and Fasting, and host of the podcast of the same name on Ancient Faith Radio. Rita is passionate about working with people through a faith-based approach to eating and living, and is available to lead workshops utilizing the Eastern Orthodox tradition to care for body and soul alike.