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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis




Have you ever gone to the doctor not feeling well, you get bloodwork done, and you are told that everything is “normal?”

So frustrating!  I’ve been there!

Does “normal” mean that not thriving is the norm?  Well…yes.  Not the answer you wanted, right?  

Normal does not mean healthy and it does not mean that your body is working optimally.  Normal means that you are among the general population of people with chronic disease, who don’t exercise, eat terribly, live in your area, and use that particular lab.  They grade on a bell curve, and reference ranges vary from lab to lab.  A lab in an aging population in Florida will be different in a university town.  

So basically “normal” means that you do not have a disease and you are in the same boat as most other people.

I know you’re here because you want to thrive.  You want your body to work the way God created it to.  You want to avoid disease and do everything you can now to understand what could happen in future and cut it off at the pass.  You want to be around for your family, see your grandchildren, and even play with them!  This is a beautiful world that God created, and as Christians, we have work to do.  Being a good steward of our body has to be intentional.


That’s where I come in.  Most chronic diseases are preventable, and I can help you understand the red flags coming up on your bloodwork that are pointing in that direction.  

On your way to diabetes?  Let’s stop that!  Metabolic syndrome?  Nope…don’t want it!  Cancer?  Not me! 


  • We cover which supplements are needed so that you aren’t wasting money by shooting in the dark at the supplement store.
  • We cover lifestyle tweaks that will make a big difference.
  • I help you understand what further testing can be requested that will shine more light on particular red flags.


With the Holistic Christian Life Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, you receive:

  • A 30 minute consultation to go over your symptoms, your goals…and well…your hopes, fears, and desires!  
  • I run a report and come up with a plan based on a test you have already had done recently, or you can use me to understand what tests to request and we can work off of a brand new test. 
  • We follow up with a 1 hour consultation to go over the report and my suggested plan going forward.
  • Program must be completed within 90 days of the initial meeting. 

All for $397.  That’s it.  This investment in your health might just be all it takes for you to start going down a different path than you are on right now, and save thousands of dollars and doctors appointments in the future.

Ready to start?  Just grab a time slot on my calendar, and let’s get to work getting you healthy!





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