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Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

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Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

I pray that you are celebrating the Feast with joy!

As we break the fast and enjoy the feast, our bodies can go through a transition that may be uncomfortable.  Adding animal products back into our diet may create “gastric distress.”  For some, this may mean that there are products, such as dairy, that your body just doesn’t process well.  This is something to take a look at, as it may hold the key to why you don’t feel well most of the time.  Dairy is one of the main categories of food intolerances that cause health issues, and many people feel better when they abstain.  The same can hold true for meat, although this is more closely related to the body’s ability to process it.  If large quantities are eaten in a rush, not chewed thoroughly, and you are not moving around after a big meal to aid digestion, the digestive process can be compromised.  To help you celebrate in the best way possible, I want to present some tips:

    1.  Portion control – A plant based diet, with animal products as a “condiment” seem to work well for most people.  Think of this when filling your plate.  Self Control is one of the Fruits of the Spirit.  We are celebrating the birth of Christ, although sometimes, we can feel as though we’re celebrating food after a long fast!
    2. Tummy ache?  Gas?  Try these remedies.
      1. Tummy Tea – Ginger or Peppermint tea are great.  There are also many compounded teas on the market formulated especially to aide in digestion.  I like Traditional Medicinals “Eaters Digest.”
      2. Essential Oils (topically) – Rub a drop or two of Clove, Peppermint, Tarragon or Ginger on your stomach.  Start beneath the belly button, and rub gently upwards and clock-wise.  You may want to dilute the essential oil with coconut oil to aide in spreading, absorption, and reduce possible skin irritation.  I use DigestZen by Doterra.
      3. Essential Oils (aromatically) – Put a drop in your palms, rub together and hold up to your nose.  Breathe deeply.
      4. Apple Cider Vinegar – Make sure it’s raw.  I use Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  1-3 teaspoons in a glass of water before a meal works best, but I’ve known it to work after the fact also.
      5. Fennel Seeds – Chew 1 teaspoon to ease stomach distress.

Prevention is good medicine.

    1. While eating, stay calm.  Eat slowly.  Enjoy your food by eating mindfully.  Yes, I know this sounds woo woo, but what I mean is to actually taste it by chewing it around 20-30 times, putting your fork down in between bites if you need to, and breathe.  It isn’t going anywhere!  Digestion starts in the mouth with your saliva mixing with your macerated food.  That is the start of assimilating nutrients into your body.  Save your water for after your meal, so as to not dilute your saliva.  And, don’t resort to antacids!  Contrary to popular belief, acid related stomach issues are typically from low acid…not too much.

Eating in gratitude, bite by bite, can be the key to breaking the fast in a healthy manner!

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