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Eating Clean with Jordan Rubin

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Eating Clean with Jordan Rubin

Last September, I held an online program called The 21 Day Renewal.  The purpose was to help Orthodox Christians start the new year right, by renewing their dedication to living a healthy lifestyle.  I was very excited when Jordan Rubin, author of The Makers Diet and founder of Garden of Life, agreed to be interviewed for the program.  I learned a lot with my first interview.  Number one, what my face looks like when I’m concerned about someone (not good) and number two, that I didn’t know how to share a photo like I thought I did (I look like I’m just fumbling with my computer while he’s talking to me).  I also learned not to put people on the spot about scripture verses.  But the biggest thing I learned is that vanity and technology glitches must be put aside if the information has the power to save lives.  That’s what I’m doing here.  Great Lent can be a time of health and healing, or of sickness and feeding disease.  I pray that yours follows the first route, and that you find Jordan’s story as inspiring as I do.



The Kitchen Test is a good rule of thumb for eating clean. 

First, eat organic produce and animal products as often as possible. 

Second, if the product you are buying has a label, ask yourself if you can replicate it at home.  Most people don’t have jars of preservatives or containers of “natural flavors,” “carrageenan,” or “caramel coloring” at home.  Make sure that every ingredient is something that you can buy and use to make your own from scratch.  You will be surprised how easy this makes shopping for wholesome food.

And here is the photo I was trying to share!


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