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Toxins in Your Body – Toxins in Your Soul

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Toxins in Your Body – Toxins in Your Soul

For the Holistic Christian Life blog I write a lot about health issues and sustaining our life through nourishing ourselves the way God intended. Well, I’m a health coach, so this is to be expected!  I write a lot about toxins and how they damage our health.


Last night I had the honor of meeting a priest who is visiting from Thessaloniki Greece. His soup kitchen feeds over 500 people a day!  As he was explaining the state of affairs in Greece at this time, and the struggles of the local people, he got into the state of their souls. Of course the state of their souls is no different from the state of ours.
All of us struggle with temptations, passions, and sin.  However, Father Alexander talked about washing the soul clean:
  • By focusing on others rather than ourselves.
  • By serving those in need, and ignoring our own needs.
  • By being constantly in gratitude for what he has given us, and the blessings of the most basic things, i.e., a beautifully red, perfectly ripe tomato from the garden, that is all ours to eat.
  • By giving, every day, to someone in need.
I write so much about cleaning the body of toxins. But he was speaking of the toxins of the soul. The toxins of self preoccupation, ungratefulness, and always striving for more, more, more.  His message was easy. Simplify.  Lead a simple life, putting others first.  This will cleanse us from any impurities, creating a clean heart, and renewing a right spirit within us…just as we read in Scripture.
Clean, inside and out. A clean body, a clean mind, a clean soul.  This is worth striving for!  Taking care of the whole package that God created.

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