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Updates, Announcements, and Celebrations!

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Updates, Announcements, and Celebrations!

Today’s post is more of a newsletter!


Many of you completed the 7 Day Challenge, and I congratulate you!  I hope you instilled some new habits into your day, and came away with a better understanding of why our topics are so important.  Congratulations to Joy Lind who won the “Write the Word” journal.

Also, we finished up our St. Philaret Challenge.  It was so wonderful each morning to open my email and see so many emails with just “Done” on them.  Here is what one participant had to say:

Hi Cynthia,

Thank you so much for posting the St. Philaret Challenge this month! By writing down this prayer each morning for 30 days, I was able to focus more on the words, to see God’s will working in me and through me, and to greet each day with a peaceful soul. This experience truly enriched my prayer life and drew me closer to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Have I ever told all of you that I love my job?  Is this a job?  Not really!  Serving you is what makes my life exciting.  Your emails and comments keep me going, that’s for sure!



Holistic Christian Life is growing!  I would like to formally introduce you to two women who have joined the team.  They help me carry out my crazy ideas!  You can meet them on the About Us page.  They keep me sane and help me figure things out when I’m working on five things at the same time.  I think you may have heard of one of them already…  🙂




Why do I always feel compelled to “turn over a new leaf” and get healthy in October?  I’m not sure, but this is always the month when I completely cut out sugar or do something else to make a fresh start.  For those of us who embrace the Nativity Fast coming up…October is a great time to condition our bodies before we start restricting ourselves in November.

On October 8th…that’s next Monday…let’s do this together!  No weird diet, just healthy meal plans and recipes.  No focus on the same things other groups focus on, like getting into skinny jeans or looking “sexy”.  No, this is all about honoring our health and being good stewards of the gift God has given us.  And guess what?  In my experience, if you need to lose weight, it comes off.  Bonus!  Even if you need to gain weight, or just want to stay the same, it’s not about weight.  I’m delighted that Dr. Mark Hyman has let me use one of his meal plans for this program!

If you have been wanting to work with a health coach, and haven’t been able to hire one in the past, this program is for you.  It’s a fraction of what private coaching costs, and yet I will still answer your questions personally during video sessions each week.  It’s actually worth over $600 when all is said and done.

Take a look at what it entails and jump on board.  I’ve packed this program full of helpful instruction, tools to use, and access to me through emails and/or a private Facebook page.  Were you with us for the 7 day journey?  Let’s keep this going!  Did you skip the 7 day so that you could focus on something where you can see major results at the end?  This is it!

Come join us for the 30 Day Fit and Healthy Jump Start!

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