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Valentines Day – From My Heart to Yours

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Valentines Day – From My Heart to Yours

What if the best years of your life have not even happened yet?

Only God knows the number of hairs on your head, and how many years you will be here. But just for fun, let’s do some calculations. How old are you now? In America, the average life expectancy today for a woman is 84, and for a man, 80. That’s taking into account:

  • The Standard American Diet (SAD)
  • The toxic additives in food, water, and the environment
  • The majority of people living a sedentary lifestyle
  • The amount of people who still drink soda and diet soda, and are addicted to anything sweet
  • The general state of anxiety and unhappiness
  • Lack of sleep

In 2013, when I realized that there was something gravely wrong with my health, the first thing I did was decide to get to the bottom of it. Then I acted on what I learned and turned my health around. Yes, you do have more control than you may think! All of those aches and pains? They are not necessarily the result of aging. Most often they are a result of neglect and ignoring the responsibility of taking care of this one vessel that God gave us to use during our life here on earth. At least this is the way it was for me.

What ensued seems like nothing short of a miracle. It was a new lease on life. When I started feeling the effects of living a healthier lifestyle, suddenly the world opened up to me. Pain decreased, energy increased, and now a couple of years into it, my brain is starting to work again, my thoughts are clearer, and my memory is better than it has been in years!

In 2013 I was 52 years old. Many would have said my best years were probably behind me. Most people would have been looking forward to retirement. Instead, I am living the happiest most productive years of my life…so far! Are you ready to get healthy? You might live to 100! How many years does that give you? Wow! Just think of the possibilities!

  • How can you use what God has allowed to happen in your life for the good of others?
  • What wisdom do you have that can help another person?
  • What could you do that would extend God’s love to everyone in your path if you only had the energy and clarity to do it?

I want this for you! That’s why I do what I do.

I guess the key is to want to live. Do you want to live? Do you want to have said to you:

…”Well done good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.”

If you feel like you need more time, keep reading this blog. Participate in the programs. Reach out to me. That’s what we do here at Holistic Christian Life. It’s not about leaning on pseudo-spiritual practices for health or knowing which medication to take for which symptom. It’s about adjusting our lifestyles to reflect the importance we place on our God given life.

It’s because I love you, but most importantly, it’s because He loves you.

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