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Who Are “They” – Just Wondering

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Who Are “They” – Just Wondering

So, I realize that Health Coaching is a new profession.  Unfortunately people can call themselves health coaches without any certification.  Thankfully there is action in Washington DC to recognize a national accreditation to protect those of us who went to school and got the education.  Sort of quality control if you will.  With more and more doctors hiring health coaches, the profession is growing by leaps and bounds, and more and more people’s lives are being changed for the better.

That being said…I don’t think my friends even know what I do.  After a tennis match the other day, we were all having lunch together, and the conversation turned to self defacing remarks about needing to lose weight, not getting around the court like we used to, and medical issues.  That’s when one person orders an egg white omelette, and another person says “They say that egg yolks are good for you now.”  For almost three decades, it has been proven that egg yolks do not raise cholesterol and that they are good for you.   However, the first person’s doctor told her to eat only the whites.  This stuff can make me crazy.

Who are “They?”

In this case the “they” were right, but you would not believe what I hear.  Are we talking Dr. Oz?  Whoopie Goldberg?  The New York Times?  Self Magazine?  Mayo Clinic?  The Heart Association?  Who do you trust?  Do “they” even know what they’re talking about, or are they just looking for content from anyone who sounds legit?  Personally, I don’t trust any of the above, and Dr. Oz was one of my teachers.  I trust him in private, but I’ve noticed that he allows information to be shared on his TV show that I don’t think he even agrees with.

When I was in school, we learned over 100 dietary theories.  And, surprise!  Many of them dis-agreed with each other.  My teachers were all well respected doctors, scientists, and researchers.  Some were of celebrity status, many were not.  Some were fanatical about they way they believed everyone should eat, almost like it was their religion.  Others were matter of fact.  This is where I came up with my philosophy. 

You have to know who you trust, and I trust God. 

I believe God made food the way we should eat it.  First it was plants, then He added animal products.  I eat mostly plants, with animal products on the side.  That is, when we are not eating as Adam and Eve did in the Garden during our fasting periods.  And I eat clean, meaning organic and without added toxins.  And guess what?  Doctors, scientists and researchers all say that this is good.  The feasts and the fasts are good.  These are the people I take seriously and get my continuing education from.

In this, the Information Age, bad information that sways people to believe the wrong things is being gobbled up. 

What if the people in the New Testament had access to television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and internet like we do?  “They” said that He wasn’t the Christ.  These people were highly educated, looked up to, and had the ability to sway people.  “They” would have been everywhere…taking out Facebook ads, and doing guest appearances on The View.  I know…scary. 

So today, I just want to lead you in the right direction if I can.  We need to guard our hearts, our souls and our health.  We have to know who to listen to and who to tune out.  It’s a noisy world, but you owe it to yourself and your family to be informed by the right people, and to make informed decisions on who the right people are.  This is where Functional and Integrative Medicine Doctors come in.  This is where Certified Health Coaches come in.  You can go to The Institute For Functional Medicine as a start if you are looking for a doctor, but there are other resources out there, and doctors who stay up to date on the latest in research.  If you have questions, ask me!  That’s what I’m here for.  A Certified Holistic Health Coach helps people meet their goals, by leading and supporting them to be the healthiest that they can be.  We help navigate and prevent disease, manage weight, improve sleep, stress, and energy which is the tip of the iceberg.  This takes into account your entire lifestyle including relationships, work and what you do during your downtime.  We talk and teach, but we mostly listen.

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