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An Opportunity To Work With Me!

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An Opportunity To Work With Me!

What is a health coach, and why do you need one? Well, for starters, how are you feeling? Do you sleep well? Are you on medications? Do you have anxiety? Have you been diagnosed with a disease or have a family history of one? Are you happy with your weight and energy? Are the relationships in your life what you want them to be? Are you living the life God has planned for you with joy, or do you feel “stuck” with it?

If you have room for change or improvement in any of these areas, do you know where to start and what path to take?   No?  That’s where a health coach comes in.  He or she is your biggest advocate to help you make the changes you need to make, know how to work with your doctor, request what you need from the medical community, support you, and keep you on track.


The people who go the furthest and the fastest are the ones who seek coaching and are coach-able.


It’s a messy scene out there when it comes to wellness.  There is a lot of conflicting advice, contradictory studies, woo woo science, and exciting breakthroughs.  How do you know who to trust and what is right for you?  That’s when a health coach can simplify it and get you on the right track.

We constantly weed through the noise and become your biggest advocate on what is best for YOU. Not what may have worked for some movie star, your vegan sister, or your paleo brother…all of whom think that if you just followed what they did, you will have the same results.

Then there is your mindset. I’m assuming you have goals, but maybe you just aren’t reaching them. A health coach knows your goals, keeps the bar high, and works with you when you need to overcome obstacles. Unlike a friend, your health coach won’t lower the bar to make you feel better. They hold you accountable and support you to be the best you can be, and usually that involves getting to the root cause of your actions, or your in-action!

I like to use professional athletes as an example. As a tennis player, I can read about tennis constantly, watch it on television, go to all the Opens, play competitively, practice constantly, and wear the cutest outfits and expensive shoes, and even takes lessons here and there…but without a coach…someone who knows how to bring out the very best in me, see where I need work and tweak my game, I wouldn’t even have a chance at going pro.


A coach brings it all together, guides you, saves you time, decreases confusion, and greatly increases your chances of success.


Currently, I have a couple openings for new clients, and wanted to open them up to the Holistic Christian Life community first. These openings only come up about every six months, and sometimes less when people want to go past the regular six month program. My clients are all over the country, so proximity is not an issue. I’ve even coached with people internationally. Now is the time to start, and just think where you will be by 2019!

Contact me at, and we can talk about the packages I offer and what will work best for you.



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