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How to Feel Good

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How to Feel Good

Earlier this month, I was blessed to be able to attend a conference in Southern California called “The Feel Good Summit.” It was created by the one and only Dr. Mark Hyman, and while it was attended by many in the health and wellness industry, it was also open to those who wanted to improve their health by making lifestyle changes.

Have you ever been to a conference where they started at 9am so that you could have your choice of nine different workout options by well known instructors before starting? How about a conference where your food, from smoothies in the morning through dinner in the evening, were created and approved by a functional medicine doctor? It was heaven! Plates were heaped high with delicious organic vegetables made with healthy Omega 3 fats, herbs, nuts, and seeds. On the side we had pasture raised chicken, grass fed beef, and wild caught fish. And due to popular demand, they are sharing all of the recipes with us! I’m definitely going through awesome veggie dish withdrawal 😊


The keynote speakers and breakout session leaders are all well known in their field, and had such valuable teaching, I wanted to share some nuggets with you. They are taken from my notes, and I hope you find them informational and inspiring.


Dee and Brett Eastman – Dee is the NY Times Bestselling Author and Founding Director of  “The Daniel Plan.” Their ministry is to work with churches to get Christians healthy. Sound familiar? Dee has agreed to be on an upcoming episode of the Holistic Christian Life podcast to talk about “Community, and It’s Power to Change Your Life.” I can’t wait!

Dr. Shefali Tsabary – A clinical psychologist and author of “The Conscious Parent” spoke on “Awakening the Self: Learn to Live in the Present and Break Through Your Personal Roadblocks”. While her talk was not from a Christian perspective, I did write down “Welcome everything that happens…every relationship in your life…as something good, something to learn from.” As Christians we know that God brings everything and everyone into our lives for a reason. Sometimes that’s easy to forget!

Shelly Lefkoe – Author and President of the Lefkoe Institute. Shelly spoke on Turning Healthy Intentions into Healthy Habits. “There is no meaning in an event itself. You are the one who attaches meaning based on your beliefs. You decide if it’s positive or negative. This has a direct outcome on your stress and by extension, your health”. (I paraphrased a little) 

Dave Asprey – The author and CEO of Bulletproof spoke on Hacking Your Biology: Boosting your Mitochondria for Optimal Health and Vitality. “Willpower is not a character issue, it’s biological”. Honestly, there is so much to share from his workshop, I don’t have the space. I was impressed with everything I learned to implement with my clients, including how to reduce decision fatigue that leads to weak willpower.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee – One of the most influential doctors in the UK. Star of the BBC show “Doctor in the House”. He spoke on Sleep & Stress: The Undervalued Pillars of Optimal Health. “90% of doctor visits are related to stress” and “Sleep deprivation is connected to Alzheimer’s and Diabetes”. Again, so much to share, I can’t do it all here. But I recommend his podcasts, his TV show, and any interviews you run across!  

Dr. Robin Berzin – Author and Founder of Parsley Health spoke on Balancing Your Energy, Sleep, Metabolism, and Mood. “We are an ecosystem, we are not compartmentalized. That is why our system of utilizing medical specialists often results in problems with other body functions.”

Dr. Dana James – This was my favorite workshop! Dana has her Masters of Science in Medical Nutrition, she is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. The whole package. “If you get under 6.5 hours of sleep a night, you change the hormones in your body. Your cortisol increases (the stress hormone) your Leptin drops (The hormone that tells you that you’re full) and your ghrelin elevates (the hormone that tells you to eat).” Her book is The Archetype Diet, and you can take the quiz on her website to see what category you fall into. The Nurturer, The Wonder Woman, The Femme Fatale, or the Ethereal. I’ll let you guys guess what I am!

There were many other doctors, researchers, quotes and interesting facts…even from the host himself…but alas, I don’t want to keep you all day. The absolute best book on nutrition right now, is Dr.Hyman’s “Food: What the Heck Should I Eat.” It’s a must read for everyone, and I will be giving it out as gifts during my upcoming programs, so stay tuned! Awesome group coaching opportunities are coming your way!

And as Dr. Hyman said “Friend power, not willpower, is the key to success with your health goals.”


  1. Cynthia, I am inspired by your integrative work. You are a model of Orthodox Christian synthesis following St Basil’s “be like the bee. Take the nectar and leave the rest behind..” Thank you for your μαρτυρια/witness.

  2. Cynthia Damaskos says:

    Thank you Father Angelo! I didn’t even know you read my work 🙂 I’m so glad you are inspired!

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