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Is CBD Oil OK?

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Is CBD Oil OK?

After several questions about CBD oil here at Holistic Christian Life, we thought it was time to write about it.  Cannabidiol Oil, or as we more commonly know it, CBD oil, is a hot topic today! 


CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant.  Historically the best-known compound from the cannabis plant was THC which is what makes people “high.” This should not be confused with  CBD which also comes from the plant, does not have a psychoactive effect, and has been found to have many benefits. 

CBD comes from the least processed form of the plant which is hemp. 


Let’s look back at history for a moment.  During the 1970’s and the war on drugs, cannabis plants became demonized in the United States.  When the Controlled Substance Act took effect at that time, the law did not distinguish between THC and CBD.  All cannabis was illegal to produce in this country.  However, In the 1990’s scientists discovered something very interesting that keeps our bodies in balance.

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS).  Our bodies produce cannabinoids of their own!


The CB1 receptors in the brain affect our mood, pain, appetite, and memories.  The CB2 receptors are part of our immune system and affect inflammation and pain.  Research is showing that CBD oil works by directing our body to use our own cannabinoids, rather than what we actually consume which I thought was interesting.  The studies on the benefits are hard to ignore as they show improvement in:


          – inflammation and chronic pain

          – seizures in children

          – high blood pressure

          – anxiety, stress and depression

          – mood and sleep disorders

          – addictions

          – epilepsies

          – cancer

          – weak immune systems


You may be wondering…Is CBD oil legal?


CBD oil as a dietary supplement is legal in all states.  CBD with THC is not.  If you live in a state that hasn’t legalized marijuana, and you are seeing CBD oil being sold in your local health food store, compounding pharmacy, or chiropractor’s office…you know it’s just CBD and it’s legal.


Similar to supplements, CBD products are not regulated by the FDA.  This mean that quality counts, and buying a trusted brand is important.  For instance, cheap vitamins are regularly found to not have the amount of vitamins in them that they claim.  This holds true for CBD oil too.  Also, sketchy processing methods can be used.  Therefore, please seek out a health care professional with knowledge of the purity of the product you are interested in and dosage recommendations for the condition you want to treat.


As with all supplements and dietary aides, some side effects have been identified, including:




Stomach upset

Interaction with other medications

Low blood pressure

Dry mouth


So, being your guinea pigs so to speak, Kristin and I have both tried CBD oil.  Here’s what we’ve found:


Kristin has been using it for the last couple of weeks for anxiety related issues.  She purchased hers from a reputable pharmacist who researched the product for purity and quality.  It has brought about a sense of calm.  She does sleep better and is able to handle stress in a more balanced way.  However, she did experience some stomach discomfort in the first week. 

The best way to take CBD is to start out on a low dose! 


I have been using it for the past two months based on a recommendation from my doctor.  While we are working though heavy metal and thyroid issues, I experience small feelings of anxiety during the day.  I also have some chronic upper back pain.  The CBD oil seems to be helping the upper back, but I’m not sure about the anxiety.  I am still working to figure out what dosage is right for me, as I started out slow.


All in all, we do think it is helpful for many people, and I personally look at it as just another essential oil.  Once again, God has given us a plethora of “medicines” through His plant kingdom that we are still discovering today. 


There are many resources, but if you would like to do more research on cannabidiol oil here is one option:



  1. I want to thank you for writing such a clear and informative article on CBD oil. I struggled for a while before I was educated and then God revealed himself to me in a way only God can do. I was having terrible memory loss and other issues and after 10 days of using Hemp oil my memory as been restored. I rarley every post to articles but in looking for some research to give other people who are struggling with being Christians and taking CBD oil I came across your article that really gave me a peace in my spirit. I will be sharing this article with many people along my journey so that they too can feel at peace and allow this beautiful plant to start healing their bodies as well. I’m sending you some information on one of the highest quality hemp oils on the market to date. This is not a sales strategy it is just on my heart to send you this information because in your article you mentioned various places to get quality hemp oil. Prayerfully look at this website. I truly believe it could make a world of difference in the lives of people you know.

  2. Cynthia Damaskos says:

    Hi Christine, Thank you! We are glad you like the post, and that you felt comfortable making a comment. Thank you for the feedback, and I will take a look at the site. There are so many popping up, it can be confusing!

  3. Nichole Williams says:

    I am 20 years old student who weights 75 kilos. I know its not normal but i am planning to lose more kilo because im losing confidence to myself. At my age, i should be conscious coz im not getting any younger anymore and it’s for my health also. I love to eat pizza, burger, pasta especially fries. Yummm!! I start looking for a solution to my problem. I exercise, I make a diet. I limit myself to the food i love. But upon searching, i read that CBD can help my problem. I am not sure about this. Can somebody tell their experience in CBD?

  4. Cynthia Damaskos says:

    Hello Nichole,

    Thank you for writing in. For weight loss, and at this point in your journey, I don’t believe any CBD is going to be your first line of action. There are many other elements at play including dialing in on your food, understanding what your body needs for exercise, sleep, stress, etc. Once you get on a healthy program, CBD may be an option in the future. Hopefully you have someone guiding you in your endeavors who understands safe weight loss, and knows how to get to the bottom of your health issues. I pray that you are able to reach your goals!


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