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My Secret Weapon in 2017 – I’m sharing it with you!

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My Secret Weapon in 2017 – I’m sharing it with you!

This year, as many of you know from reading my posts, I’ve had some health challenges.  The good news is that we got to the bottom of things, but it’s a long healing process.  While I’ve been giving myself grace to slow down and focus on my health, I have also been able to produce Lent and Advent programs, publish the first ever Orthodox Christian daily planner, and launch a new podcast (which I haven’t even told you about yet!)  People ask me how I’ve managed to do this, and I’m going to tell you now.

You may have noticed that I mention Michael Hyatt on occasion in my blog posts, and also referred people to him in the opening pages of My Daily Ascesis.  I knew of Michael from his podcast series on Lent from Ancient Faith Radio. If it wasn’t for his virtual mentoring podcasts though, I would have never had the courage to start MBL in 2016, or my podcast this year.  In January, I attended a live event that he holds in Nashville called 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever.  It taught me how to set goals, and actually reach them! 

I’m bringing this up because you may want to join me for 2018!  If you can’t come to Nashville in January, he also has versions that you can use at home, at your leisure.  I can’t recommend this program highly enough.  It isn’t only for business goals!  Many people take the course to meet health goals, marriage goals, and other personal and even financial goals.

To other people around the world, he is a highly regarded author, speaker and virtual mentor…but I think of him as a brother in Christ, whom I admire and support.  Take a look at his “BYE” program, because it might just be what you need for 2018!  (And, heads up…it may help you make the most of your Daily Ascesis Planner too!)

Registration is in full swing — and just open for a few more days.  He is offering a special if you opt in today before midnight Pacific time…so I’m attaching the description of it here.  After today, you can still join the program, but the Goal Achievement Kit offer will be over.

From Michael’s website:

It’s called the Design Your Days Goal Achievement Kit — a 3-part bundle packed full of everything you need to break your biggest goals down into bite-sized, daily steps.

You’ll get:

• The “How to Map Out Your Ideal Week” video and PDF. What gets scheduled gets done, which is why there’s huge power in mapping out your Ideal Week. Michael teaches how to unlock the power of your calendar, so that you automatically say “yes” to the right things, “no” to the unnecessary, and keep focus on those baby steps toward big goals.

• The “Hidden Power of Journaling” video. Believe it or not, journaling (if you do it the right way!) can be an amazing way to stay focused and motivated daily, so that you’re sure to stay on track to your long-term goals. Learn to leverage the power of journaling for daily wins and sustained achievement.

• The “Recipe for a Productive Day” eBook. Establishing morning and evening rituals is a transformational way to design each day for maximum success. Learn to make the most of each hour, with strong attention to the small steps that keep your goals in focus and on track.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by your big goals any longer! This is the kit you need to master the art of everyday wins, so that your incremental progress each week will add up to big accomplishment at year’s end.

This bonus is the perfect complement to Michael’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever course, and it’s the perfect tool to build progress into each day.

Don’t wait! Buy the course TODAY (only)—and get Design Your Days Goal Achievement Kit for FREE!

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