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The Secret Sugar Study…Uncovered!

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The Secret Sugar Study…Uncovered!

Well, part of me had to laugh…except it really isn’t that funny.  Last week, CNN’s “Controversial Sugar Industry Study on Cancer Uncovered” shed light on two 1960’s studies that were “unpublished and forgotten” until now.  MSN, other news stations, television personalities, and bloggers promptly started reporting on these freshly uncovered studies.  So, why do I think this is funny?  CNN published the same information in 2016 called “How the Sugar Industry Sweetened Research in its Favor.”  Also in 2016, NPR published “50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat.”  The New York Times was on top of it with “How The Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat.” I have a feeling that I could go back further, since I first heard about these studies myself in 2014.

The biggest crime in the wake of these studies (or “perspectives” as the Sugar Association regards them) is that healthy saturated fats were wrongfully accused as the villain, and all of a sudden, big food manufacturers had an instant opportunity to create new low fat and non-fat products.  First, the advent of un-healthy inflammatory fats were being created and used instead.  Margarine anyone?  The sugar industry boomed, (especially cheaper beet sugar) since their product was used to make these tasteless products more tasty, and more and more glutamates and other chemistry lab created ingredients were added that further increased the toxicity of our food here in the US.  As an interesting aside, the rest of the world wasn’t so quick to jump on this bandwagon, and most of these toxins are banned in other countries.

Who has suffered? 

The people who have suffered the most are the ones who believe that they do not need to pay attention to what they are putting in their mouths, because surely, the FDA is protecting them.  Not true.  Since the manufactured fat scare, obesity and diabetes have sky-rocketed.  As a small example, krebs cycles have been thrown off – creating unhealthy disease prone cells, hormones have suffered, and our brain cells have been compromised.  All of these need good healthy fats in order to function correctly. 

So, here are the facts.  Many of us will still continue to eat sugar even though it can harm us.  Why?  Because it tastes good, and personally, I think it’s one of the small pleasures of life.  However, it’s a treat.  It shouldn’t be a daily occurrence, and unfortunately, to make sure it isn’t, you have to read labels.  The negative publicity that high fructose corn syrup got needs to be expanded to all sugar.  It needs to be expanded to sugar substitutes, both real and fake.  All sweet things lead to cravings of wanting more sweet things.  They also lead to obesity and disease.  Keep your sugar intake in the category of “dessert.”  Not in beverages, cans of peas, peanut butter, jelly, bread, cereals, spaghetti sauce, lunch meat, etc.  When you are cooking, think “savory” not “sweet.”  Thumb through any popular homemaking magazine and you’ll see some of the worst recipes for your health.  How many meals are created with yummy new recipes that are laced with sugar?  

What are my recommendations?

  1. My first rule of thumb is that desserts should be eaten on special occasions.  Birthdays, weddings, Christmas day, tea with friends, book club, Sunday night dinner.  This may still sound like a lot to some people, but for those who don’t read labels on everyday food, it will actually be a huge decrease. 
  2. Number two, don’t drink your sugar.  This is a no-brainer if you read the other ingredients on beverages with sugar in them. Also, this is one way to put it right in your bloodstream and wreak havoc the quickest if you’re looking for instant health degradation. 
  3. Third, make sure your desserts are pure.  I mean, flour (gluten free for me), sugar, butter, real vanilla, eggs, milk…you know…things you can pronounce, that God created, and can be found in your own kitchen.
  4. My husband has another rule.  He prefers to only eat homemade Greek pastries, which is obviously much harder to come by! 

But my best advice to you, is when you gain wisdom, implement it.  If you didn’t catch the news in 2014, 2015, or 2016, and are just reading it now in 2017, it isn’t too late to make changes that will turn your health around.  Take it step by step, don’t expect to be perfect…but don’t give yourself too much lenience either.  I speak from experience!  If you want to start taking a few other steps, you may like this post on tips to stop a sugar addiction.



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