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Step Nine to Increased Energy – Nutrient Deficiencies

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Step Nine to Increased Energy – Nutrient Deficiencies

Yep, last Monday I was sitting in a chair getting an IV.  Actually asking for and paying out of my pocket for one.  Yikes!  Every time I’ve had  surgery or had to go into the hospital for something, it’s the IV I disliked most of all.  Surgery?  No problem.  I’m asleep!  It’s the IV that drives me to distraction.  So why was I doing this?  Let’s talk about the Kreb’s cycle.  In really easy terms, it is a sequence of chemical reactions that convert carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy for living cells.  Deficiencies in certain nutrients hinder your body’s ability to perform all the chemical reactions in the Kreb’s cycle, ultimately reducing energy production within your cells. 

Reasons you may also be nutrient deficient:

You don’t eat a good variety of  real food.  Organic food the way God created it (no labels needed) is full of bio-available nutrients.  But let’s say you read Step Two, and haven’t been able to change your eating habits, or you have, and you are still experiencing fatigue.  Let’s look at how your body loves nutrients:

  1.  It embraces the food you give it, gives it a big hug, and absorbs it’s love (nutrients),
  2. Can’t identify it, and just kicks it out through the colon. (No love)
  3. In the case of intestinal permeability (leaky gut), food leaks outside of the intestines, the immune system thinks it’s an invader, and attacks it as a threat to the body.  (No love)

The first two ways are pretty clear.  Real food, Fake food.  Did God create it?  It’s real.  Does it have ingredients that come from a chemistry lab?  It’s fake.  So let’s zero in on number 3 and what causes gut dysfunction which leads to a lack of nutrient absorption.

  • Unchecked Food sensitivities – Either you know you have them or you don’t want to know…either way…you’re eating something that your body doesn’t like.  (I recommend a food sensitivity test)
  • Sugar abuse.  Sugar is fuel for bad bacteria and throws off your microbiome.  This creates allergies, inflammation, weight gain, insulin resistance, skin issues, brain dysfunction, and toxins that lead to disease…not to mention nutrient deficiencies.
  • Environmental toxins from heavy metals, plus chemicals from water, air, and products that have touched your body.
  • Genetic Factors
  • Abnormal Bacterial Growth (It is AMAZING how many people have gut infections and don’t know it!)
  • Some Prescription Medications
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Past surgeries in the digestive area, including intestines.  (Common with gastric bypass/sleeve/etc)
  • The consumption of cheap, synthetic supplements that pass right through your body and are a waste of money.

The key to knowing if this is one of your issues is to get an Organic Acids Test.  It’s a simple blood test that will tell you if you are experiencing deficiencies.  This is one of the ways my doctor found out that my Krebs cycle is not working right.  Despite taking high quality supplements for years, we found out (many hundreds of dollars later) that my body couldn’t absorb them.  One thing led to another which confirmed complications of an environmental exposure to toxic mold that began breaking down my body.  Had I known, I would have had an organic acids test done years ago!  If you’re not sure where to go for one, and/or your doctor doesn’t understand the need…you can go here to order a test

Does this sound like a possible issue for you?  Let me know!  Do you think this could help someone you know?  Please pass it on.  To quote a doctor I heard from recently…sharing is caring!



  1. BEV HOMENIUK says:

    What kind of a doctor should I see to request an organic acids test?

  2. Cynthia Damaskos says:

    Hello Bev, A Functional Medicine doctor, an Integrative Medicine doctor, or a Naturopath. My former doctor, who is an Internal Medicine doctor would have done it, but she didn’t know why someone would want it, so I waited until I had a doctor who understood the reasons behind it. I hope this helps! Let me know if you need help finding a doctor in your area. I have a couple sites I can send you to.


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