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Memory Eternal

I was all set to send out a post this week on healthy breakfast ideas, but not letting you all know what has been happening these past couple weeks just seemed like avoidance and insincerity, since my heart is not really in healthy breakfasts right now.  I want to be honest.

Last week, Aunt Irene passed on.  Many of you may know her name from my book, women’s retreats, and the countless references about her health that were meant to inspire you.  She ended up passing due to a massive heart attack.  Thanks be to God, both Demetrius and I were next to her when it happened.  After about 10 years of taking care of her, there will definitely be a void in my life.  The funeral was on Wednesday, and as with so many elderly people, her friends had either passed on before her, or were physically unable to attend.  So it was small.  I’m still pinching myself, as this was totally out of the blue, and in some ways I still don’t believe it.

Irene taught me compassion, how to take care of people, and blessed me with finding out that I was more capable to do this than I thought.  I was pushed to do things I never thought I could do, and found that I have patience I never thought I had.  The pure joy on her face when I told her that I would take her to the bathroom after getting up in the morning will always be with me.  “You would do that for me?” she would ask full of gratitude and love.  It always touched me, and mostly amused me, as I said “of course!”  I’m sure she didn’t really know what was going on, but I know it was the light of God shining through her.  Her countenance upon waking and letting me take care of her was one of child-like innocence. 

So you see, I needed to let you all know that she isn’t with us any longer.  She was my inspiration to become a health coach and proof that many health issues can be turned around with lifestyle adjustments…and of course…prayer.

May her memory be eternal!

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